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',^ ^ •■ 



&•. ■ ' 'W 






^ \ V- 

' 14 ^^ ^Ve^ 



^ ' 

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^a M^ 










<5^ ^y^wc 

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c^(?r5^^ ^nr^ isrio 



,3Z coo Id &Ql| 

+00 n^QDU ■Verr J-hc -rhtfq5 

Kempsville Meadows Elementary School 

frr^ii ^ ^^ O 

We have enjoyed 28 years of tradition at Kempsville Meadows. Our teachers, parents and thousands of students have 
passed through our halls in Virginia Beach. We continue to grow together through education and friendship. 


Barbara Tourgee has been a terrific asset to the staff with her first year as our principal. She brings a background of experience previously being our 
assistant principal. 

Robert Smith comes to us new this year as our assistant principal. He is a great addition to our staff and a new friend to our students. 


Roni Birdsong & Winnie Roughton, our office staff, offer constant smiles 
with every request from student, staff and parent. 

Working together — Robert Smith, Barbara Tourgee, Roni Birdsong and 
Winnie Roughton complement each other well and provide us with an 
able staff. 

Ms. Tourgee and Roni Birdsong get the morning started. 

Roni Birdsong and Mr. Smith hard at work. 


Susan Cerino our cross categorical teacher. 

Claudia Vroman is our speech pathologist. 

Pat Rodgers our cross categorical teacher. 

Julie Staylor, Kendall Tata, Marie Blackstone and Judy Paschall make 
up our P.E. staff. 

Left to Right; Hannah Bi)wlcs, Reading Teacher. Doris Card, Music 
Teacher, and Karen Haddawav, An Teacher 

Staff and Drivers 

Madeline Regal and Donna Dixon, our librarians, encourage us to ex 
plore through reading. 

Earlene Caffee is our general aide. Her job surrounds all grade levels and 


Our bus drivers have a very important job. 

Carla Cavanaugh and Karen Hill care very aptly for our children's many 

Safety Patrol 

Row 1: T. Murphy, M. Mercer, P. Kao, S. Nerheim, D. McCall, R. Kelley, E. Simmons. Row 2: C. Reese, D. Popiela, B. Folkes, B. Bone, M. Reese, R. 
Williams, T. Bowen, C. Gili. Row 3: Mrs. Adcock, C. Steele, A. Howlett, D. Davis, G. Coddington, T. Nethery, E. Hanson, K. Tignor. 

Newspaper Staff 

Row 1 : K. Stroop, C. Diehl, E. Harrington, T. Katz, J. Kelly, B. Jones, A, Clark. Row 2: E. Reavis, K. Keogh, K. Mathison, H. Clarkson. M. Ventura, 
K. Gregory, K. Clark, H. Dwyer. Row 3: Mrs. Rowell, K. DeSantis, J. Faulk, B. Folkes, K. Monson, C. Stone, R. Stein, M. Jones, A. Pucci, Mrs. Berry 

Student Council Association 

C. Diehl, K. Del Gallo — Vice President, T. Slrayhorn, R. O'Meara, L. Wittman, M. Bronstein, B. Zajdowicz, J Ldwards, B. Cahill — Reporter, J. 
Hansen, B. Barker, S. Duesberry, R Rosenberg, D. Stroop, K. Campbell, R. Thornhill — Treasurer, H. Dwyer — Publicity, D. Regal, B. Burns, J. 
Guidan, M. Daniels, J. Fike — Finance, R. Propster, S. Reyes — President, R. Stein, E. Douglas — Secretary, J. LePere — Health and Welfare, A. 
Pucci, A. Geismar, Mrs. Drew — Advisor. 


P.T.A. and Volunteers 

Mary Stroop (P.T.A. President) and Jane Del Janet Nye (P.T.A. Vice-President) greets a par- Marilyn Jacobson (P.T.A. Secretary) serves 
Gallo put together Student-Parent Handbooks ent at a P.T.A. meeting. goodies at our spaghetti dinner, 

to help parents learn about our school. 

Landon Philyaw helps students outside of the Sue Wetzel and Jeanne Bayer help register par- Mothers helping with Kindergarten cut and 
classroom. ents for P.T.A. membership. paste workshop. 

Classroom Teachers 

Kindergarten teachers and aides: Seated are Trenace Riggs and Shirley Maleski (aide). Standing are Donzella Wells (aide), Deborah Etheridge, 
Linda Hull, and Georgianne McVicer (aide). Not pictured are Isabelle Wilkinson and Mildred Stevens (aide). 

First grade teachers; Left to right arc Karen Rowcll, Susan Hughes, Rosie Berry, Barbara Abraham, and Molly Fuller. Not pictured is Janice Capps. 


Classroom Teachers 


Second grade teachers: Left to right are Lori Marcello, Sharon Arseneau, Marie Sutton, Ann Rowe and Merice Stevenson. 

Third grade teachers: Seated are Jacqueline Hassell and Nancy Vaneic. Standing are Rebecca Blevins, Nancy Gyertson, Deborah Gowen, and 
Constance Carroll. 


Classroom Teachers 

Fourth grade teachers: Left to right are Terry McCarthy, Linda Webb, Christy Pomposini, Patricia LeGeyt, and Jeanne Gahagan. 

Fifth grade teachers: Left to right are Nancy Hambhn, Susan Drew, Donna Smith. Anne Gregory, and Marianne TarbelL 


Classroom Teachers 

Sixth grade teachers: Seated are Joann Cox and Janet Parker. Standing are Anne Falk, Donna Steele and Susan Adcock. 

Hoo ^^ft*' 

Our faculty at their finest. 


Her \or 

MrT Etheridge 

Robert Alonzo 

Razilee Bobadillo 

Meghan Bolyard 

Morning Kindergarten 

Kimberly Bullock 
Lacey Chapman 
Alexis Clarkson 

Chris Constante 

Kelly Coyle 

Ronnie Evans 

Jason Fittro 

Katie Hedderich 

Whalon Herbert 

Rusty Koenig 

Stafford Lewis 

Mathew Lynn 

Lauren McCall 

Pam Markowski 

Shannon Murphy 

Jayme Phipps 

Chris Reece 

Sean Roemmich 

Marisa Schultz 

Angela Sye 

Ashley Thesier 

Adam Thompson 

Not Pictured 
Kcri Kotz 

^M'^ "^ 

r^ ^^ 


Afternoon Kindergarten 



Mrs. Maleski (aide) 

Josh Adler 
Tennille Bowser 
Jason Brazier 

Ben Churcii 
Lakisha Dailey 
Jennifer Gilbert 

Amy Goodman 
David Groves 
Andrea Gutnick 
Angela Harrison 
Charles Hernandez 

Katie Home 
Josh Kraft 
Lana Lintag 
Danny McClellan 
David Morgan 

Bryce Northey 
Kristina Smoot 
Chicago Townsley 
Marie Tremblay 
Dennis Tschai 

Aubrey Vance 
Terry Wilkening 



Morning Kindergarten 

Mrs. Hull 

Liza Batardo 

Jenny Brown 

Christine Cheliras 

Brenna Clark 

Summer Clemmons 

Christopher Floyd 

Jeb Franklin 

Brian Fry 

Lauren Hill 

Travis Hughes 

Brian Kunze 

Paul Lare 

Christina Lautares 

Tara Lewis 

Megan McSweeny 

Pamela Messersmith 

Peter Nerheim 

Steven Olson 

Sean O'Mera 

Traci Reed 

Robbie Schuette 

Michelle St. Germain 

Joe Sullivan 

Eric Wetzel 

Rachel Whitwcll 



Afternoon Kindergarten 

Mrs. Wells (aide) 

Anne Bestain 
Brooke Cooper 
Jennifer Crawford 

Nicole Dashkovitz 
Shannon Driskell 
Shannon Fleming 

Michael Gray 
Nathan Haddaway 
Michael Holmes 
, Chad Matthews 

\-^4. n^ Jackie Mathews 

Jackie Moffett 
Lauren Morgan 
John Picone 
Jamie Pittman 
Jessica Rafal 

Kourtney Richardson 
Jameson Santos 
Brian Stroop 
Tom Struble 
Tara Stubbs 


Kevin Winget 
Ebony Wrushen 



Mrs. Riggs 

Mrs. McVicker (aide) 

Jennifer Carpenter 

Bonnie Clark 

Morning Kindergarten 

Jason Collins 

V^H 'X^y^ Andrew Darnall 

Sarah Davis 

Jesse Diaz 

Richard Hewett 

Nicholas Hoyle 

Lori Kenney 

Katie Kreichelt 

Vernon Mackie 

Christina McConnell 

Kristin Moran 

Sarah Moss 

Brian Nath 

Leanne Parsons 


Thomas Pickles 

Nicole Robinson 

9 - ■ ■ 

Lindsay Sallach 


Carl Simpson 

1 mii 

fc^aniiniri hot 

jj ^toA aj g ^dCflj 


Danielle Sumrall 

Shannon Turlip 

Jeremy Turok 

Sarah Villa 

Stephanie Wallace 



Michael Zelibcr 


Afternoon Kindergarten 


Mrs. Wilkinson 

Mrs. Stevens (aide) 
Josh Ary 
Evan Bernard 

Christina Burnell 
Laura Dempsey 
Sonia Diaz 

Lauren Duffy 
Judith Epelman 
Andrea Gentry 
Richard Goodboy 
Jennifer Greene 

Van Hill 
Scot Hofsiss 
Craig Kacmarsky 
Anthony Karnezis 
Eric Karnezis 

Calvin Knight 
Joseph Landries 
Nick McCarter 
Frank Miller 
Lindsay Ritter 

Katie Smith 
Caitlin Vogt 
Devin Wais 
Donna Wildy 


First Grade 

Mrs. Abraham 


Debbie Argo 
Bradly Bazar 
Tiffany Bond 


1 "■ ) 

atrick Bradsher 

Mitzi Chenault 

Billy Chubb 


Jaime DeSantis 

David Grubb 

Patrick Harrington 

Esther Huang 

Jenifer Hurwitz 

Antiiane I angle\' 
•airistina I pf<>r<> 

Katrina Lomax 

Alex Monroe 

Glenn Ngo 

Monica Oliver 

Katie Pauls 

Bryon Sabol 

Billy Sisley 

Becky Stone 

Tori Ward 

Not Pictured 

Billy Dickens 

Bruce Phillips 



Her « 

First Grade 


'^i^-Vi .^^ 

Michael Bander 
Jessica Baszner 
Jay Bayer 

Zachary Cole 
Tyler Cooke 
Andrew Cossaboon 



si^ . 

Nichole Curott 
Joe Dallaire 
Adam Deaton 
Kasee Fecht 
John Hoist 

Matthew Howell 
Ashley Ingram 
Michelle Krabill 
Sarah Lepere 
Scott Lyman 

Page McGranahan 
Jessica Oskvarek 
Teddy Ridley 
Carrie Rosenstock 
Robert Seifert 

Stephen Sharpe 
Kevin Tschai 
Ryan Vanek 
Robbie Wright '-^ 



First Grade 

Mrs. Capps 

Sean Belts 

T)^V\W Eric Caimol 

Louis Cirulli 

Mathew Cornelison 

Katie Costello 

Lara Crockin 

Lea Anne Eldridge 

Janelle Elefane 

Heather Jackson-Perkins 

Lee Jones 

Marsha Kmiec 

Gregory Lee 

Bobby Lunt 

Duy Nguyen 

Matthew O'Neal 

Brandon Perry 

Melanie Ruth 

Maryeilen Smith 

Lauren Sparrow 

Michael Stanik 

Brian Thompson 

Lesley Turner 

Edgar Williams 

Mark Ulrich 


First Grade 

Mrs. Hughes 

Joshua Abrons 
Neal Andrews 
Annamarie Bautista 

■ 1 

i - 





A, M 




.^ ^ f-^^^— ^ pr-- 

Benjamin Borns 
Jimmy Carroll 
Lauren Carver 

Megan Cavanaugh 
Jaime Cohen 
Andy Fletcher 
Timmy Fogerty 
Paul Fortin 

Mark Giusto 

\.\o\ SKot 

Ashley Gray 
^■^ t^ Leslie Gregory 

Derrick Hunt 
Emily Letts 



Joel McCormick 
Rachel McGraw 
j)i John McLaren 
%\^ '■ 1 1, Emily Motley 
■^ Christy Muller 

Crystall Reed 
Veronica Salcedo 

Chris Sherry 
Holly Weber 
David White 

Stephanie Yeo 

L1.UV. M 


First Grade 

Mrs. Fuller 

Michael Adams 

Alan Baar 

Toni Cerino 

Jonathan Clark 

Stephanie Davis 

Robbie Diehl 

Tracy Gomez 
Jerel Gutierrez 
Monica Katz 
Michael Kelly 
Brooke Kendrick 

Qo r' VS Michael Keogh 

Vic Kintanar 

Ryan Law 

Beth Leiter 

Justin Matviya 

Patrick Miller 

Kathy Morgan 

Christopher Rehrig 

Daniel Roberts 

Laura Schreiber 

Becky Singleton 

Maria Terry 

Teddy Williams 

Not Pictured 

Kathleen Hickey 


First Grade 










Randy Sheets 
Susan Wilburn 


Mrs. Rowell 

Katie Annunziata 
Matthew Anslow 
Krissie Baise 

Bethany Bellew 
Jason Copelli 
Brian Ellin 

Wesley Gibson 
Sarah Gili 
Joel Gutierrez 
Mark Hansen 
Christopher Hawks 

Jenny Hechtkopf 
Gayle Hermoso 
Kerri Hogan 
Lee Hughes 
Meverly Malixi 

David Muncie 

Charles Myers OC>?,V\ 

Andy Pruett 

Amy Rivas 

Leslie Shackleford 


Second Grade 

Mrs. Arseneau 

Mathew Biehl 

Brian Bone 

Jason Boswell 

Amanda Bowles 
Kerri Brugh 
John Butler 

Megan Clark 

Brandon Fletcher 

Quinn Franklin 

Rebecca Hewett 

Timothy Hines 



..amont Holloway 


Titus Keen 

1^* -- 

Chris Klinefelter 

^Wk^ — ' 

Kevin Ledbetter 


Valerie Mackie 


\ .1^ 


Resa Reaves 

Velissa Simmons 

Mathew Smith 

Melissa Steele 

Anthony Stroud 

Johannah Thompson 

Sterling Wallace 

Alison Wilhitc 


Second Grade 

Mrs. Marcello 

Jonathan Alonzo 
Andrew Blackmore 
David Brown 

Brian Buchberg 
Matthew Clingerman 
Justin Cole 

Josh Williams 
Kimberly Wills 

Karen Cummings 
Jason Folkes 
David Hunt 
Kai Johnson 
Patrick Laurence 

Lorna Lintag 
Matthew Mihalick 
Katie Murphy 
Jonathan Roberts 
Eric Salinas 

Rory Sallach 
Jason Saunders 
Kenny Toole 
Joyce Torres 
Jennifer Wertenberger 


Second Grade 

Mrs. Rowe 

Raena Brown 

Doug Charboneau 

Chris Chin 

^G Pee PEE 

Jeffrey Coyle 

Lee Evangelista 

Jeff Fielding 

Michael Hurd 

Michael Hurwitz 

Elaine Luong 

Catherine Nicholas 

Tammy Peckham 

Eric Roberts 

MarCee M.C. Santos 

Paul Schill 

Olga Schneider 

Abby Snyder 

Joel Stark 

Tommy St. Germain 

Matthew Stringer 

Brett Stubbs 

Sharon Williamson 


I " ■ 



#1 ^^-" '« 

_/ .. 

Adam Woyotowich 



Second Grade 

O t ' 

Mrs. Stevenson 
Pierre Botardo 

^VJ-^ /J^^.N Beth Brantley 

John Carasella 

Haley Douglas 

' - ;5 • Andy Coddington 
j^^^ Michellie Del Rosario 

Katie Grote 
Billy Herold 
James Hoy 
Stacey Kriechett 
Merrille Malixi 

Mark Messersmith 
Bobby Moro 
Lauren Rafal 
Jeremy Richardson 
Jay Dee Santos 

Andrew Scholl 
-' -V Adam Achultz 

Ben Shoemaker 
John Stetler 
Frank Wozniak 


Second Grade 

Mrs. Sutton 

Charslyn Davis 
Carmen Diaz 
Mike Drewry 

Heather Foley 

Kimberly Ford 

Andy Gillum 

Andy Harms 

Don Hart 

Heather Heath 

Jason Jacobson 

Michael Johnson 

John Kazmierczak 

Chris Lare 

Jennifer Lynn 

Adam Matheson 

Patrick Moran 

Chris Murdock 

Adam Pranica 

Kelly Reese 

Chrissy Smith 

Ted Villa 

kk ^L.^^ 


^ J 


J^ mn\i 




Third Grade 

f- 4 


r" n "■ 


1^ .^^ 

«~- ». 





Mrs. Blevins 

Austin Adams 
Jessica Barberich 
Charles C. G. Boyd 

Heather Burroughs 
Maureen Cavanaugh 
Lori Dembitsky 

Christopher Diehi 
Jennifer Dierks 
Kristina Haliingshead 
Ryan Harreil 
Rebecca Hedderich 

Laurie Hedges 
Holly Hollander 
Katrina Holloway 
Nicholas Karnezis 
Robert McCarraher 

Christopher Macon 
Nikki Lynn Moffett 
Patrick Murphy 
Jimmy Ratliff 
Vanessa Schreiber 

Matthew Schultz 
Abby Swanson 
Anthony Vidallon 
Janice Villamil 
Bryan Wetterlin 


,» -. . ) 

Lisa White 
Sarah Whitwell 



Third Grade 

Mrs. Carroll 

^VO N ^-^vEO^^"*^' Ackerman 

Robert Ayers 

Amanda Campbell 

Missy Cheliras ^ 
Alan Chin 
Carin Copelli 

Monica Cutchins 

Erwin Daria 

Jennifer Edwards 

Bobby English 

Patrick Flores 



Jimmy Fry 

Sarah Gentry 

Aimee Kohne 

Josh Johnson 



Jeff Lewis 





Matt Morlang 

Kelly Murphy 

Veronica Overton 


^ w 

»-» • 

Jay Sheets 


Kelly Sisley 



Elaine Stringer 


Yuri Vaid 

fW ■^ "1 

Michelle Ward 

^ ■ i 

Steven Wong 

, \%lfc^»^r 

Not Pictured 

1^^ H^L^ 

Tyresa Tabb 

f liHI 



Third Grade 

Hlfl fflBi 

Mrs. Gowen 

Steven Anderson 
Brian Babkoff 
Clinton Bagwell 

^8 / 




Jeff Berkowitz 
Matt Brown 
Kelly Bullock 

Michael Burroughs 
Trey Cooper 
Dana Gangewere 
Josh Grove 
Brian Jaskot 

Whitney Mastin 
Kelly Mathison 
Jamie Mercer 
Gary McKee 
Jonathan McKinney 

Terri Powell 
Cindi Rapel 
Chuck Scott 
Erin Starr 
Ben Tate 

Michelle Viernes 
Paul Ward 
Brian Williams 
Laurel Wittman 
Angela Zambas 


Mrs. Gyertson 

Kellye Allen 

Michael Ary 

Justin Burgess 

Alexandra Clark 
Sheryl Collins 
Casey Costello 

Jennifer Dahling 

Christy Daze 

Eric Devlin 

Patrick Erbland 

Jenny Evangelista 

Jennifer Foley 

James Hofsiss 

Latasha HoUoway 

Michael Hughes 

Elizabeth McAllister 

Katie Mclntyre 

Cindy Montilla 

Ryan O'Meara 

Brad Pease 

Shamanda Pittman 

Matthew Rivas 

Jason Rosenstock 

Ryan Scobcy 

Christine Scott 

JoEllen Smith 

Third Grade 


Kimberly Strayhorn 

Not Pictured 

Steven Etze 





Third Grade 

Mrs. Hassell 

Julia Allen 
Kristina Azimi 
Caezar Bautista 

Mandy Bayer 
Travis Boyce 
Ryan Dalle-Tezze 

Ktissy Duesberry 
Belle Eldridge 
Derreck Foreman 
Heather Garms 
Laura Grosse 

Janelle Gutierrez 
Jay Gutnick 
Erin Harrington 
Margo Jacobson 

iviargo jacoDson . 

Aaron Jones Gone,<o . T n8 5T<3rU 
) i 



Mitchell Lambert 
Danny Mamsfield 
Scott Mitchell 
Nicole Remington 
Jess Schuette 

Daniel Skibar 
Kevin Stroop 
Sarah Suissa 
Drew Wallace 
LaVar Watson 

:i ' . 'f Matt Wetzel 

^•~ , J Jennifer Williams 

^^^^^^^ Becky Zajdowicz 




Third Grade 

Mrs. Vanek 

Roark Basham 

Melissa Bronstein 

Marie Busam 

Jenny Doll 
Joyce Feria 
Erin Galvin 

Meghann Gili 

Allison Hechtkopf 

Adelia Kerekes 

Brien Link 

Crystal Massengale 

Elizabeth McGraw 

Carlos Morillo 

Andrea Nerheim 

Jenni Ozmun 

Chris Pisel 

Frank Pucci 

Julie Pugh 

Marie Pulcrano 

Katie Sochor V"" ^ 

Billy Stetson » 

Ryan Trygar _ 

Joey Telford ^xT J 

Brian Vuola ^- ^ 


Fourth Grade 

Mrs. Gahagan 

Heather Anderson 
Jennifer Ayers 
-^ * ' I k Victoria Bagby 

Rhett Basham 
Brad Cahill 
Cathy Chubb 

i.-.k . ... 4^ 




k,>- -V. ..J 


^ vfl 

Michelle Conrad 

Seth Cutler ' \Q,^0 G ^^^^6 

Jenni Gardner 

Joshua Griffin 

Amy Guimond 

Jeremy Hansen 

Ashley Higgins . 

Teague Hughes Q coS 6 UO r h 

Liz Jones 

Ryan Kelley V^aU^ 

Angela Lewis 
Kelley Mclntyre . 

Bryson Maslow fu S» PD 
Tiffany Peckham Qia 
Vicky Prince J 

Erin Reavis i i 

Chip Reyes Sn^Cmp 

Heather Sparrow 
Heather Thesier 
Christa Torio 

Christy Treagus 

Josh Woods Q <^0S6 



Fourth Grade 

Mrs. Le Geyt 

Daniel Barakey 

Rachel Barkey 

Kelly Campbell 

Neil Dennis 

Jaime Ellis 

Gary Fairchild 



Leslie Gordon 

Michael Greenlaw 

Bambi Jordan 

Allison King 

Jeff Laughhead 

Danny Ray Leach 

Brian Ledbetter 

Benny Lew 

Danny Lyma 

Rebekah Murdock 

Tresa Robinson 

Donald Schneider 

Raymond Seto 

Nathan Sorey 

Jamal Strayhorn 

Kristine VanRensselaer 

Harold Wade 

Kelly Webb 

Jennifer White 




Fourth Grade 

Mrs. Pomposini 

Heather Bernard 
Terri Bianchi 
Holly Bowles 

Megan Butt 
Mary Clingerman 
Charles Coddington 

Andrea CoUura 
Cindy Davis 
Stephanie Dembitsky 
Kimberly Dennis 
Kelly Devlin 

Kevin Douglas 
Heather Dunstan 
Sara Eldridge 
Nicole Goodboy 
Susan Gorter 

Jeff Guindon 
Tim Kuhneman 
Jason Lamberson 
Justin Moore 
Brian Morgen 

Remigio Ogay 
Beth Robertson 
Kristi Rowe 
Mike Swaggart 
Julie Ulrich 

Melissa Viado 
Jessica Wilburn 


Fourth Grade 

Mrs. Webb 

Paul Croom 

Marc Daniels 

Scott Diederich 

Amy Doll 

Jessica Driscoll 

Jennifer Earls 

Jarvis George 

Erin Jamison 

Brian Jones 

Tara Katz 

Kevin Keogh 

Stacy Kirchgessner 

Heidi Kline 

Brian Laurence 

Jenny Leiter 

Jennifer Lepere 

Marvin Malixi 
David Martin 
Sean Muncie 

Geeta Padiyar 
Medea Royal 

Michael Shackelford 

Alison Smith 

Laura Snelling 

Richard Stone 

Kenny St. Germain 

April Tignor 

Ashley White 

Tom Zelibor 

(Hi ^n 



Fourth Grade 

I . L i\ 

X. ^ 

1* * ; 





Mr. McCarthy 

Jennifer Adams 
Joni Amar 
Traci Billings 

Jamie Curott 
Tiffany Eckhart 
Becky Fogerty 

Chris Galvin 
Ryan Glick 
Ian Gordon 
Bryan Harrell 
Melanie Impson 

Kelly Ingram 
Randy Kelly 
Chris Lester 
Frank Mathews 
Drew Moss 

Angie Munden 
Greg Neal 
Jenny Neff 
Mike Porter 
Olivier Raoust 

Amy Reece 
Kim Reukauf 
Jason Ridley 
Susan Schill 
Terrell Strayhorn 


Mrs. Gregory 

Jeff Amato 

Jennifer Butler 

Dal Carr 

Alvin Castillo 

Jennifer Chubb 

Mark Cossaboom 

Pam Dalo 

Krista Del Gallo 

Kristi De Santis 

Shawn Duesberry 

Julie Faulk 

Becky Holland 

Colin Kacmarsky 

Teri Light 

Steven Nelson 

Freddie Parrish 

Fifth Grade 




Donnie Quiion 




Amy Rafal 




Rufus Reid 


Kimberly Roberts 



Sarah Rogers 


hdi fci— 


Jas Sanders 

Tene Short 

Marci Smith 

Danny Solomansky 

Kelsey Swanson 

Rebecca Thornhill 

Aaron W'ais 

Jon Winstead 

William Wozniak 


^V\\\ V d 

Fifth Grade 


yL. \ ^M 







^ 1 

> ^ 



k:t ^ 

Mrs. Drew 

Lisa Abad 
Corrina Ark 
Chris Armstrong 

Patrick Bergeron 
Angela Bone 
Rhonda Bulheller 

Jason Burroughs 
Andrea Clark 
Christina Drewry 
Heather Ennis 
Sara Fortin 

Jodi Kelly 
Kari Kohne 
John Lane 
Philip Letada 
Brendan Lynch 

Mercedes Manosca 
Kicker Massengale 
Jeff McCormick 
Scott Miles 
Chris Nicholas 

Cory Perfect 
Robyn Philyaw 
Amy Pucci 
Lisa Reid 
Janan Savage 



4J V t ihJft 

\i Hill 

Jennifer Service 
Keesha Short 
Ben Stone 
Michelle Ventura 
David Weiden 
Kelly Woolard 


Mrs. Hamblin 

Bob Barker 

Dara Bazar 

Bryan Blackmore 

Alison Brandenburger 

Elaine Carreras 

Shavon CufTee 

Libby Darnall 

Tamara Dean 

Laura Garms 

Jeff Hines 

Tonya Hodge 

Karen Holland 

B. J. Hurd 

Tameka Johnson 

Michelle Jones 

Emily Lee 

Michelle Lyon 

Heather Massler 

Nathan Mullins 

Jaime Peralta 

Robbie Philyaw 

Christy Podhasky 

Matt Pruett 

Kevin Scholl 

Jennie Sneiling 

Sarah St. Pierre 

Julie Stanton 

Sean Stringer 

Raymond Syc 

Morgan Vance 

Kevin Williams 

Fifth Grade 



Fifth Grade 

Mrs. Smith 

Vincent Aionzo 
Tony Beale 
Katie Clark 


liana Crockin 
Donna Evans 
Jennifer Fike 

Amy Gomez 
Deana Hart 
Bryan Hill 
Marnie Hofsiss 
LeeAnne Jackson-Perkins 

Jason Luck 
Terrie Luong 
Jim Marquette 
Kristie Mathison 
Erin McRae 

Amy Munden 
Katy Nye 
Bryan Peele 
Richard Quibin 
Katie Russell 

Mark Samborowski 
Misty Sisley 
Michelle Sizow 
David Stroop 
Ryan Talley 

David Vaughan 
John Wilkening 
Jan Zajdowicz 


Fifth Grade 

Mrs. Tarbell 

Ainat Arad 

Kevin Braun 

James Castro 

Holly Clarkson 
Mona Dallal 
Carissa Diaz 

Heather Dwyer 

Elissa Eldridge 

Mark Erbland 

Gwen Gallagher 

Christy Guisto 

Kristen Gregory 

James Hable 

Kate Hoffman 

Chris Hughes 

Mark Kazmierczak 

Chris Kolby 

Jimmy Majority 

Michael Margulies 

Michael May 

Heather McKinney 

Yvonne McKinney 

Kris Monson 

Chuck Paschall 

Cindy Ramos 

Brcnl Rice 

Philip Rosenberg 



Sara Scherer 



Angela Tharrington 


Rachel Thornhill 


Aimec Villamil 



Jason Warren 




Sixth Grade 


A f 

liL^j t^ 

Mrs. Adcock 

/jm^ Kelly Barton 
•*■ 1 Jay Berkowitz 
Hollye Blancett 

Brenda Bone 
Jennifer Cohen 
y ^ Stacy Cohen 

Cyle Cox 
Sammy Dallal 
Jason Evertson 
Billy Folkes 
Chris Gili 

Michael Goldin 
Alison Hewlett 
Philip Kao 
Nulty Lynch 
Michelle Marquette 

Bryan Martin 
Diane McCall 
Mario Mercer 
Derrick Mertl 
Angie Neal 

Tim Nethery 
Dan Regal 
Kevin Roberts 
Erin Simmons 
Christy Steele 

Kathy Tignor 
Jasen White 
Mark Williams 


Sixth Grade 

Mrs. Cox 

Bevin Barberich 

Brett Booth 

Hallie Brady 

Chris Bryant 
Tracey Clavier 
Megan Driscoll 

Keriann Dryer 

Brooke Fulton 

Scott Goodove 

Sammy Gorter 

Khari Griffin 

Steve Jones 

Reid Kelley 

Michelle McCormick 

Diana McGraw 

Kameka Miller 

Terry Murphy 
Randy Propster 

Stefano Reyes 
Laura Sampson 

Sandeep Shah 

John Sochor 

Cari Sokolsky 

Amy Taylor 

Sarah VanRensselaer 

Richard Vidallon 

l.ori White 
Corky Williams 


Sixth Grade 


Lauren Ander 
Billy Burns 
Tiffany Cojulis 
Danielle Conrad 
Witt Davis 

David Dembitsky 
Bobby Evans 
Paul Garmes 
Brian Gonzales 
Kevin Hall 

Bobby Hallingshead 
Paul Kolantis 
Pat Lambert 
Minerva Minoska 
Jimmy McAllister 

Dennis Nordin 
Mike O'Shell 
Matt Patton 
Mike Pease 
Christian Reese 

Chico Russell 
Cindy Salinas 
Jenna Sclater 
Joyce Simbulan 
Carrie Smith 

Trisca Taylor 
Eric Untalan 
Larry Uzzle 
Robbie Williams 
Not Pictured 
Mrs. Falk 


Sixth Grade 

Mrs. Parker 

Anne Abele 

Risha Basham 

Todd Bowen 

James Cocklin 

Graham Coddington 

Charles Conner 

Thomas Darnall 

Michele DeRusha 

Kevin Dorsey 

Emily Douglas 

Jere Doyle 

Lisa Dubbe 

Tommy English 

Beth Goodman 

Eric Hansen 

Billy Mozingo 

Jennifer Pipcho 

David Popiela 

Percy Powell 

Ramon Reaves 

Becky Reed 

Megan Reese 

David Reyes 

Richie Stein 

Chandra Stone 

Amy Taylor 

Scott Wcttcrlin 
Latifa While 


Sixth Grade 

Mrs. Steele 

Pat Aldridge 
Darin Bazar 



Eric Blackmore 
Kurt Britton 
Heather Burch 




. i 



Valerie Bynum 
Dennis Carey 
Daryl Dendy 
Heather Driscoll 
Troy Dye 

Reggie Estaban 
Sharon Flax 
Amy Geismar 
Jason Hechtkopf 
Coty Henderson 

Andy Knapp 
Matthew Macon 
Meredith Mastin 
Sharon May 
Esther Murdock 

Steve Nerheim 
Kami Pugh 
Joe Sherrange 
Frank Simi 
Robby Starr 

Vicky Wertenberger 
Sophia Zambas 


Citizen of the Month Luncheon 

Ms. Tourgee helps out at our Spaghetti dinner. She's so talented! 

Mrs. Regal's family enjoying a night out. 

Mr. Smith's crew of spaghetti eaters. 

School Events 

Our 50's Day was a huge success. 

Dressing for their favorite sport. 

School Events 

Ms. Tourgee gives thanks to students for their Balloons were launched to end a successful Mrs. Hull's Kindergarten enjoyed treats at 
participation in the United Way Campaign. campaign. their Halloween party. 


DP »3 

Mrs. Stevenson's Second Grade snacking on A clown visits a Kindergarten class to help Poet in the school: Sandy Lyne visits Mrs. 
Halloween goodies. them learn about Mr. C. Falk's class. 



Ms. Tata gives instructions to a game. 

Jeremy and Kourtney Richardson buying school T-Shirts. 

School Events 

Ms. Tourgee reading to Kindergarten for Reading Month. 

Mr. Hoppel reads to 5th grade during Reading Month. 

i M 

School Events 

Part of our Christmas celebration was to enjoy 
the Nutcracker Suite. 

We have a multi talented student body. Look at Mrs. Card celebrating after the success of her 
those great desserts! program. 

Ms. Tata dressing for Favorite Sport Day. Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Riggs taking it easy Mrs. Abraham settling down her students be- 
Catch those feet! before school started. fore the day oegins.